-- CEO --

     Through the decades, many people have wondered where Cash Frost comes from, Cash is one of them.  The wise mystic who runs the 7-11 on 23rd St. believes Cash was raised by a reclusive tribe of Lemurs and three toed Sloths.  Not being as agile as the Lemurs, nor as lethargic as the Sloths, the tribe grew bored of Cash and forced him into exile.  Fortunately, Cash was taken in by a band of ninjas who taught Cash to be as silent as the night and to live in shadow.  Being afraid of the dark, this was very difficult for Cash and was forced to put the ways of the ninja behind him.

     When Cash finally emerged from the darkness, he joined a caravan of gypsy archaeologist traveling to Cairo where they were digging for the internet.  The gypsy leader, only known as “Al” taught Cash everything he knew about information technology and the internet.

Being a well accomplished System Admin is only what you see on the outside.  On the inside you'll see a dad who loves his family, being outdoors and OMG FISHING!!!

I lead a team of seasoned professionals who have been in the IT industry for a minimum of 15+ years, with a combined expertise in the following just to name a few.

Windows, UNIX/Linux, AWS, Azure

Cisco, Palo Alto, Ubiquiti, Rukus

SonicWall, Sophos, AlienVault, ExtraHop